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    Whether you are an existing member, a potential member, or just passing through, we hope that our informations turn you on. Our club was founded with the intention of allowing like-minded people to get together and share their common interest while at the same time having fun!

    Our experience to date is that this club has managed to achieve those goals and continues to surpass them year after year. If you are not a member, please feel free to pay us a visit at any of our events or on one of our monthly gatherings we will be more than happy to meet you.

    Happy motoring and enjoy our site!

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  • News

    British Sports Car Days 2017

    Après une édition record avec 58 véhicules au départ pour notre rallye du 1er mai, nous vous invitons au prochain rendez-vous: "the British Sports Car Days" en date du 17 et 18 juin.


    C'est l'événement principal de notre club et se déroulera cette année à Beaufort, Hotel Meyer. Ne tardez pas à vous inscrire en remplissant le formulaire online.


    Une remise est accordée jusqu'au 15 mai pour ceux qui s'inscrivent à la formule weekend complet. Evidemment, vous pouvez aussi sélectionner votre mode de participation. Cette épreuve est d'ailleurs la deuxième au calendrier du challenge national de navigation.

    Happy 40th anniversary to BSCOC !

    Une initiative a été lancée par le BSCOC de faire réviser les jantes à rayons chez un professionnel près de Coblence (www.radspannerei.de). Si vous voulez également ré-équilibrer ou faire corriger vos jantes à rayons, envoyez un mail avec vos coordonnés et détails des roues. Nous allons essayer de faire un transport collectif des jantes pour épargner temps et argent.


    Les afterworkruns ont lieu en principe tous les derniers vendredis du mois jusqu'en octobre à partir de Capellen, parking Kichechef à 18h30.


    Les réunions mensuelles sont toujours les premiers vendredis du mois au Café Poiré à Senningerberg à 19h30 (ce vendredi donc le 3 mars).

  • Upcoming Events

    2017 Program

    Monthly Meetings

    Every first Friday of the month
    19:30 meeting at café Poiré Senningerberg
    91 Route de Trèves
    L-2633 Luxembourg

    After Work Run

    Every last Friday from March until September

    Start at 18.30 from Kichechef - 69, Parc d'Activités Mamer-Cappelen
    L-8308 Capellen

    British Sports Car Days




    Karting Mondercange


    Golden Leaf Rallye

    Night of the Long Knives



    End of Season Dinner


  • Photo Gallery

    Photos from our tours and events

    1st May Rallye 2017

    Cobweb Run 2017

    Autojumble 2017

    NOLK 2016

    Summertour 2016

    BSCOC Days 2016

    Cobweb Run 2016


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  • About US

    Our history

    In November 1977 a few enthusiasts gathered to found a club for British Sports Cars in Luxembourg, at a time when enthusiasm for old cars in Luxembourg really started to come up. Soon, membership rose to a healthy 200 members in Luxembourg alone. The club quickly became known in the countries around Luxembourg's borders, the geographic situation in Luxembourg being very helpful.

    Today more or less 300 cars of all known (and unknown) british marks, from the 20s till today, are in the lucky hands of our members.

    The British Sports Car Owners Club Luxembourg is dedicated to promoting the British automotive sport and hobby.
    B.S.C.O.C. is also a founder member of L.O.F. (Luxembourg's Oldtimer Federation, itself being F.I.V.A. member)


    What does the club do ?

    • Organisation of tours in Luxembourg and abroad
    • 3-day trips to France, Germany, Holland, etc.
    • participating in national auto-jumbles 
    • monthly meetings
    • keeping members uptodate by sending newsletters
    • providing spare parts addresses
    • supplying technical help
    • editing a yearly magazine
    • going to international auto-jumbles
    • selling club regalia ( i.e. T-shirts, stickers, caps, umbrellas, badges …)
  • Membership Subscription

    The annual membership fee is € 30.- and can be transferred to our account IBAN CCP: LU66 1111 0564 5804 0000. For membership subscription please sign up.

  • The Board

    The board of our club has 9 members which are :

    • Mr Jean Hansen, president
    • Mr Thierry Hilger, secretary
    • Mr Claude Betzen, treasurer
    • Mr Pierre Marnach, member
    • Mr Jerry Lenert, member
    • Mr Guy Konz, member
    • Mr Francis Diederich, member
    • Mr Jean-Marie Schmit, member
    • Mr Goy Feltes, member
  • Contact Us

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

    B.S.C.O.C. c/o Mr Thierry Hilger
    5 rue du Moulin
    L-5899 Syren
    +352 661 67 71 32
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